Friday, December 21, 2012

Here is a comic about an important milestone of the European Volunteer Service.
New volunteer, you go by yourself to live in a new country. As said pope John-Paul II the 22th of october 1978 "Do not be afraid".

All the quotes are real, and come from local and EVS volunteers. 
I hope it will help.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

First contacts

Because I need some food.

I am not sure that this method of communication works in every countries. In some other places I may just get beaten.
 What is your method?

Maybe some people know this picture from the internets.

This how I feel when I am using this blog and GIMP for the pictures.

Maybe, to a hypotetical era, there will be stuff and things, French, Russian, Ukrainian, colors, gliters, links, who knows. If only my opposable thumbs could grows...

For this topic and for your ears, some Rock and some Roll.

Departure for the big U

Doing an European Volunteer Service, it is jumping in the darkness.
This is how it is going.

It is magnificient.

Thanks to Kristina and David (on the last panel) to welcome me with bread and salt this night of March. With their help, I only lost five fingers this sweet night of March. That explains the drawing.
One day I will learn English language. One day I will find the button to swith languages on the blog.

Paka to you.

A song for adventurers.

A small step for volunteers, a giant leap for Art.

Good day.

First steps of this blog. What emotions.

The topic of this blog is to relate anything flying throught my mind about to be volunteer in EVS, specifically in Ukraine, and more specificaly in Donetsk, by the means of drawings.

No drawing skill, no temporal line, approximative English, more approximative Russian, and average French. Because it is Art.

Other volunteers in Ukraine can send drawings as well if they wish.

And to start, a random picture, cute and sad to attract readers.

Sweet-Sweetback, beloved and never forgotten Guinea pig. RIP. 

My heart has melted.